Second chance

There shouldn’t be a bow for the predator, nor a revive for the fireteam


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Bow and revives will be removed in the next 300 seconds

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shouldnt be any guns in this game


why you criticize I speak according to my feelings and each side has an abused advantage which changes the game

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yeah its jusst jokes get used to it with these forums :)

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A. “Feelings” doesn’t stop anything from being dumb

Liking hitler is dumb and I’m not going to let up because its a “feeling”

B. If you want other people to agree, especially the devs, you’ll need a solid argument

C. Use logic more, it’ll help long term

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I am French and I speak with Google translate so it will be badly translated it’s too long sorry

Break it down into parts

Now your just removing content, no revive would be crazy so noooooooooo.

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Back up a bit , what did you say about hitler 🤨


I will give you this second chance:

What are your arguments for this?

Yes, remove one of the only skilled predator weapons. And remove a core mechanic that prevents most spamming and rushing. Just gonna spam my plasma so everyone dies. Yay, that was fun!


Ya ya ya I know people are tired of the comparison because it’s over used but because it’s over used it gets stuck in your head as a comparison so just deal with it

It’s fine man

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