Second Day of Not Having BIONIC PREDATOR

I purchased him as DLC, but I still do not own him. I can produce receipts and bank statements.

Did you complete the mission to unlock him?

You need to platinum the game to unlock the secret character


You have to reactivate the ingenuity rover on Mars inorder to unlock him God how do people not know that


This place is so fucking toxic 😂


It took them 8 months to release the predlocks of exile who was marketed with them. It shouldn’t take as long but it’s going to be a while before you get what you paid for. Keep up the pressure though.


If i can’t use the ingame purchase process, why does the Epic Games Store process work and still we get ppl paying for him and not asking for their regund?

This isn’t bad tho.
Just jokes.

No one insulted him so, cant say its toxic.

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Imagine if illfonic never patched the game again and the final dlc is permanently loss to the majority of the player base


This is what I’m going to start telling every 12yo that’s been making a post about it on fb


good news for you recently ilffonic dm me they already fix it so now i think bionic predator already unlocked for all epic games user

No don’t buy him he will take over you it is too brain dead you will never have skill again 💀