Selection error bug

I am choosing to play as predator and it is telling me 8 minutes wait time and then it says 50 seconds after I have selected and puts me in a fireteam match as a fireteam???

hm, make sure uv clicked it right iv gone to click HUNT sometimes and clicked the button below by mistake… does it say “hunt” or clash?

U sure u put Team Predator not “no preference” ?

bro i am selecting (quickplay-hunt-pred)and its placing me in fireteam game. the wait time now for pred is 9 mins but when i select it tells me 50 seconds

yeh just checking lol

Dunno then never seen that.

Have you completed the tutorial for predator? not sure if that makes a difference?1

bro level 150 cap here with original 87 pred skin haha i done that tutorial a year ago ha must be the new patch

yup fair enough bro, no ideas then

well looks like its a sign to turn it off for the evening and give my other half some attention…great ha