Serious question. What would u lot do with 100k spare to invest and make money?

Curious as I will have this amount saved in a few years with the job I work as so I’m just looking for some ideas. Atm I’m thinking real estate somewhere. The big goal is to become a self made multi millionaire and be financially free


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Was hoping for more serious answers and then remembered this is the forums 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Buy land

Sell land

I was being serious.

To give an actual answer it’s gonna depend on several factors influencing your country’s economy, but there are generally a few things that are good investments no matter what. I’m having to recall stuff from what my dad informally taught me as well as my high school investment course, but a better answer would be to meet with a local branch of a well respected firm that specializes in financial advising, banking, & brokerage.
I personally prefer Charles Schwab for my funds, but that’s mainly due to family legacy connections plus their extremely high reputation & reliability.

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Anglian water restoration tech

Set up a self sustainable business and grab some land…they cant make more land so grab what you can

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Good idea

I would probably try to go in on purchasing an apartment building and start expanding assets that way

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An apartment building? For 100k? 😄

Leverage debt. The 100k is the ticket in 🤨


Buy an M82 Barrett and an M2 Browning that’s all I need to live life fuck the investments


Well I’ll probably have a lot more by 30 but it’s just looking for what ideas people can give me and stuff like that. As the goal is to be super wealthy by 40s to 50s :)

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Challenge BLU Heavy