long jump should let you hit X to jump to branches within your manual long jump reach AUTOMATICALLY.
What the f*** is this lackluster BUILD DIVERSITY illfonic? You seem to want to encourage predator players to use your predkour system, but your game punishes players for it. It feels like a gamble. Sometimes I’m like a jaguar leaping from branch to branch gracefully like the predator I’m actually supposed to be…and other times in running around gormlessly getting stuck, failing to register branches WITHIN DEFAULT RANGE EVEN WHILE HAVING LONG JUMP WTF?! Sigh. It’s literally 0 days since the last rage inducing bug.

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They could fine tune the predkour system. I’m sure they will after the get these bugs under control.

Good use of the word, not enough appreciation for language these days.

There should also be a basic parkour system out of the trees. Why are we getting stuck on rocks and shit? You telling me Predator can leap through trees but can’t take a single step over a small rock or stair or other small obstacle? It’s like a game from 1997. Fucking Mario 64 had a better ground traversal system.

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