Shading and shadows

If feels like the scenery is to bright and hurts my eyes looking at the screen and we don’t even have shadows just black spots following us, please make it darker so I don’t have to see my shadow missing and make it look like this trailer

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I like it how it is.


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Yea I don’t have this problem

Maybe it’s your tv or monitor

TV, play at night But it brightens my whole room in this pale light not the color

Turn the contrast down some or brightness

Just mess with the settings until you get it right

There should be in game settings you could tweak as well

Gamma is another thing you can adjust


Oh ok I’ll try that

Why can’t our Preds run that fast😒

Damn that looked cool to bad i didn’t like any of the new ghost recons

Cuz FT would lose to much and the balance would be broken

Not even this one with a Predator?

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Yup missed old school ghsot recon

Play it first then judge it

I have and I didn’t like it
And breakpoint is pure trash

Well your wish came true they are taking out the Predator content in the game 😑

The predator content was cool but I’m saying the game as a whole is ok. Brakepoint wasn’t good . Wildlands was ok

That’s not going to bring it back 😞

Look into using Reshade, you can achieve this look pretty easily with that. It’s safe to use and you can’t get banned by easy anti cheat for using it!