Shadowrun returns

WTF did I just play

First off, beat the game in 24 hours


Second, the build variety in this game competes with the first mass effect in blandness

Wow You can fire two shots at once now

Third, that God damn last level.

Just for reference the gameplay is like Xcom with it’s own niches.

I’m the final level there’s an enemy that enters a spirit form when you kill it. You then have to use a particular weapon to damage that form. Okay not bad, until you realize that it’s a two round gun that takes four shots to kill an enemy.

At this point you have three actions per character so two shots and a reload…

Or move…

Or reload and move and lose a shot

If you don’t kill them they back into body form.

Okay so just kill their body form twice and- their health Regenerated.

Oh and guess what, you have a maximum of 80% chance to hit at point blank range.

You can miss 3 shots (minus one for every shot you can’t take because of circumstances) and for no fault of your own you can’t kill it.

Well maybe one shows up at a time- no there’s up to 3 at a time

They’re not even that threatening. They’re just tanks. And it’s only their spirit form that’s tanky.

And characters? They exist. Not interesting though. There’s not enough development.

Oh and partner customization is near dead. You can give them gear to loan (which you’ll never get back except your guns because glitches in a remaster thanks my ass)

So you can’t even synergies other characters around you.

Oh you can use mercs like four times in the game and not get attached to them because that’s nearly enough time to start caring about a bunch of stat bodies.

It’s not bad, I’m leaving out the positives, but God damn is it mediocre.

My fucking God all three games have the same build tree

Looksn pretty neat! the art direction though begs this game to have a more universal lucas arts appeal. I see it adopted into a Police Quest or spacequest type of game.

i’m not a fan of the particular pace of this game though.feels empty as you just blast thing. Mod it to be a Sam and max game and im sold.

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