Should cheating be considered as cheating?

I mean, using wallhack and aim-bot are just fine. Before you start blaming me being a piece of shit, just listen. First of all, on low graphic settings you can see pred through the map and even through some objects. Secondary, I have a very good aim and If I don’t use aim-bot, I will still be good at aiming, so why not? It makes no difference.

Thank you for your attention!



If you’re going to cheat, cheat fairly.




That’s like saying “Oh, I technically can slap that baby and steal it’s candy bar, so that means I should be able to throw their parent to the ground and do such a thing.”

Yea you did it, but you are a “piece of shit” for doing so.


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As I said, it makes no difference. I know better, trust me.

By the way. What makes it that good? Just practice and skill?


“I cheat, but I only cheat because I’m REALLY GOOD.”

^ for a lack of better words, is this what you’re trying to get across to people?

Confused as to why you need to let people know about this?

You coming clean or something? XD

@Thunder-Cats gonna eat this up.


“Hey, I’m really good at this game, so I should be able to cheat, right?”


Shut up. No, you shouldn’t be able to.

Wallhack and aim-bot can probably get you banned in about every game on planet Earth. Most definitely this game.

You don’t go aim-botting in CoD or CSGO, do you? No, you don’t, because those are competitive games where people care about when their opponent can somehow shoot through steel walls. This game has the same type of people. They care about when you can aim and shoot at them at lightning-fast speeds when all they wanna do is have a nice round of the game.

Stop it. Stop it now. Your reasoning for not stopping is ridiculous.

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Using wallhack=not using wallhack, in my situation. I can see and hear you, does not matter where you are. Same with Aim. I would say, I’m playing better without aim so far, cause sometimes it glitches out.

Ok, but you still aren’t playing fair!

That’s like if I stabbed someone and my reasoning was that they were gonna die one day anyway so I stabbed them.

So is this proof PC players are hackers or is this a troll image


So hold on let me get this straight. You are admitting to potatoing out your graphic. Then we have another pc loser admitting to using macros. The pc players can nlt defuse the bomb so they hve a 100000000 lose streak going on atm. Tell me again how ur the best?

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This is kinda response\parody to thread ‘‘about macros’’, that is reduced to absurdity, to show how ridiculous this is.


Not talking to losers, sorry.

Oooffff says the one that hs to abuse settings lol.

Have you said something? I can not get the language of loosers, sorry.

Lol. Yep im the loser lol

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