Should the game be free?

It would be great to make the game free in Epic games. It already has plenty of dlc to make money. And many more players to buy them.

nope they should charge 1 cent minimum. Just to spit in the face of those cheap bastards.

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Game isn’t even worth that, but I guess it’s better than now.

this game should have been free from launch, since it doesn’t have single player mode, but of well, they keep milking hardcore fans that will buy the dlc no matter what

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Like minecraft! and solitaire and Minesweeper and mahjohng! It should be free with windows!

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the game is free in the plus and they give away the dlcs, it is an insult to everyone who buys them on their way out




Standard windows 7 edition; plays like minesweeper. Have to find and defuse bomb.

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This looks more like it!

That makes bo logical sense.

Being multiplayer doesn’t make it less valuable. This is an arbitrary restriction.

almost all multiplayer only shooters are free to play dude.
those who are not are usually “indie”

isn’t illfonic, according to a lot of y’all, “not indie”?

They are right up there with EA! How could they not make this game free!? I mean look at Fortnight! Its practically PHG with women in thongs!

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PHG should be women in thongs. C’mon, its hot in that jungle. The Pred gets it, that’s why he has an air flap.

(the men should have thongs too, btw. as an obligatory teabagger, I would enjoy that)

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So? Popular use does not make fact, especially since most of those free to play games are cheaply made cash grabs. A game holds value depending on it’s quality and quantity, not genre.

They’re not, but being Indie doesn’t matter as quality is still quality, I won’t get pissed at an indie dev but their game is still shit if it’s shit and bad business practice is still bad business practice.

Maybe I said differently in pass but if I did then clearly I changed.

Besides I hold Indie devs to a higher standard.

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indie dev is literally short form for student work and baby infant effort. Illfonic spent a few thousand on this to make, so literally makes them EA. They should be buying out Microsoft by now. Literally their entire investment capiltal could buy a small city in Europe. So why all the talk abut it now?

Boy are you guys on some dumb shit today.

Nice to see ya too mass

you need a coffee. So soft. boo hoo hoo. Illfonic is not the god.

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where are your barrage of knight picture memes? Usually you have enough to fill the days quota of posts then i just take a hike.