Shouldn't The Predators have an explosive IED?

So wouldn’t the predators have at least an IED as a simple tossable device which explodes when a FT gets too close?
I mean there wasn’t in the canon, but i’m sure there would be a very cool reason to add it to the game.
Like an explosive that had metal shards in it?

I mean with all the explosions going on anyway, it just would be a very useful tool considering nothing else in the yautja arsenal do any explosion damage.

A good result might be to use the disk as an explosive device which would render it unusable later. Or the gauntlet wrist launchers. They seem to do fire but really, it needs to be a silent IED. May be there could be a variation. It shouldn’t be very hard for the devs to mod.

The thought of still asking for stuff makes me sad. Its 3 years in.

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That would be amazing to have, but unfortunately it would never be added.

and why? just say it. we are too far in to be hopeful for new developments.

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Isn’t that the thing women put up their vagigas to prevent pregnancy?

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its called fisting. yes.


Ah yes, Arabian Predator

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