It ain’t no mystery that the game will get no more updates or add ons, but damn i wish it weren’t so…so much waisted opportunity to capitalize and yet it was a one and done. Its too bad this game isn’t available for ppl to mod otherwise it might of continued to improve.

Its a damn shame cus this game could of had a dead by daylight fate where it continuously gets quality of life updates and new survivors, killers, and levels. They could of done the same by adding comic characters so its not held to a specific actor for voice over. Predators from movies and comics could have also been added over time. Levels could of been added like swamp style, redwoods, tundra, oasis, alien jungle (2010), tropical islands, the possibilities are endless.

Sucks because they can’t or won’t even remaster AVP 3, concrete jungle, or even port over psp games of the avp requiem like they did to GOW for PS plus. I know the post is pointless because nobody from the devs are looking but had to get it off somewhere…

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You’re more better to ask for a reboot rather than a remaster. THats like saying you want Crash Bandacoot as an OPENworld and make it photoreal.

You know its pointless because you have no vision and not willing to …conceptualize with any type of real world skillsets. gud.

You might as well hold up a copy of an old 90s GamePro magazine clippings of Contra and go “I WANT THIS” and then point to Cyberpunk 2077 screenshots …“BUT LIKE THAT!”


You sure you’d want that? Did you like the RE 2 and 3 reboots?


Just let it die compai.

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How is it that you were always here with us @Anyt1m3 !!??? You only responded to only a few threads in the last 4 months!

I main science thread. For other topics, humor is often appropriate and mine is not up to par. So o pick and choose

you gotta make me choose?

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Well, as long as we agree on the pointlessness, I’ll add my two cents.

This game was far from being like dead by daylight.

  1. Predators were too similar. They needed differentiation apart from health and speed. Killers in dead by daylight have extremely different powers. Examples PHG would have needed to differentiate the characters:
  • Hunter’s Focus: Activate to target isolate Fireteam member with the least health for 5 seconds, damage to target increased by 25% for 15 seconds, 45 second cooldown
  • Berserker Rage: Activate 50% damage mitigation and +100% stamina regeneration for 5 seconds, 15 second cooldown
  • Scout’s Dexterity: Activate 10 seconds of silent footsteps, complete invisibility, and no growling, 20 second cooldown
  • Elder’s Wisdom: Activate to Reveal the location of the fireteams next objective until it is completed, 30 second cooldown
  1. More customization, such as:
  • different plasma casters/shoulder gadgets, like the movies. Rapid firing but non chargeable caster, sniper Caster with high velocity but small explosion, and the Falcon surveillance drone, etc.
  • adjustable levels of armor that impact damage mitigation, speed, and stamina.
  1. Mission quality and time to completion expectation. All the missions that took less than 4 minutes needed to be combined or reworked to take on average 4 to 5 minutes to complete, so every match has a chance to develop back and forth interactions between the Fireteam and Predator.

That’s it for the DbD comparison, I have more to say about the actual mechanics of the game that needed to be better. Bye for now.



That is all. I think the thrill in this game is getting to see what kind of beast we were faced with. Not necessarily how to beat it. Trust me, no amount of grinding against new press will stop FT potatoes from using the same old technique.

Its not just customization were after. Rather I think they were on to something with each new Predator class but unfortunately they fell flat because the devs didn’t bother with the details of voice tracks and special types of plasma fire…etc.etc.

You can bet new weapons are cool too. I think they were on the right creative path except they werent all encompassing. They just re-used old things and slightly made it new with out anything that branded it unique.

But i’m sure that would have took more time to do. New voice tracks for each predator? Probably not worth their time unless there was an engine that customized things through digital processing like pitch shifting, mixing, etc.

I mean even the Falconer’s drone was inside as game assets for the longest time. They probably couldn’t do anything with it because they weren’t allowed to code any more features.

I wouldn’t gripe about it anymore. It has been 3 years. Im just hoping someone takes on the IP and makes a sequel. Something new and bigger. But something that doesn’t copy what they did initially. They started small. got really big. then people wanted more and more. Not that they didn’t build a fanbase because thats exactly what happened.

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I get you’re trolling, because it’s not a question of agreement.

To drive the point home,
To be as interesting as DbD, every predator would need its own “thing/ability/power” that differentiates the interaction that they have with the Fireteam.

Part of the issue that players had with general gameplay was the repetitiveness of the interaction, since the biggest difference between Scout and Berserker was how often they leaped.

Dead by Daylight keeps the interactions fresh with essentially turning each Killer into its own game within a game.

The trill of this game, as with any other assymetrical, was always about one side trolling the other.

The only problem was that a lot of players came with the idea that the killer would be the troll and not the others.

Not trolling, suggestions suck and you should concentrate on improving core mechanics before you fuck with any stats

Also I do think the predators should be different in some way shape and form but I think your specific vision is a direct representation of your experience, lack luster suggestion = lack luster gameplay as represented by your shallow resources

Best class

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Oh, beer… you’re funny.

U excited for modern warfare 3

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Ehh. Not necessarily excited, but DMZ has been very enjoyable for a free game. I’m still having a lot of fun with Armored Core 6 and Dead by Daylight. I’m mostly looking forward to seeing my current stock of games getting balance updates. Battlefield 2042 is finally going to add more gravity to their vehicles, so I might give that game some more time soon.

Game looks and feels like illfonic screwed around with it

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