Since the game turned out to be a disappointment...

Since the game turned out to be a disappointment for most of the folks around here, why aren’t you guys who are willing and potent to learn and achieve skills around here going for some game development? Get hired in a game company on whatever position and gather some experience? It’s not like the job market is doing bad, besides, there is also remote work recently (since all the COVID and that) from what I know for some studios.

If not the above, do some home work in your spare time, try to get good in something you feel passionate about and try to manage and make a portfolio of any sort. One step at a time? Make baby steps if it’s needed.

And don’t give me the “but my age or profession or X or Y doesn’t allow me to!” crap. Try it!

All of that being said, if you do it, you might be able some day to pick up your own dream project and develop your own dream Predator game.