Six months later. I got my NECA Alpha Predator Figurines

Like Holy moly! I ordered them back in beginning of June I think. Just got them today. Wowsers


I bet you can’t wait to try out that exclusive alpha pred code that comes with the figure.




Man, I was kinda kicking myself for using the Alpha Code I got immediately when they made Alpha Free. Now it’s really just a code for Alpha Sickle immediately; so I guess it still has some worth.

I cancel my amazon one and I’m glad cuz we got Alpha free

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I got the new scout predator yesterday

Awesome addition to my collection!

The blaster rifle is so cool


Where did you order them from?

Did you order yours from Entertainment Earth? They kept pushing back the release date so I started looking in my Targets, found one, and canceled the online order.

Oh man! Oh man! Am I ever! It’s like I’ve always had it for some reason lol

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So, anyone below LVL 100 can’t use this code to unlock the alpha earlier than that? That’s silly! XD

I got my Figurines from Entertainment Earth. That’s why it took a coons age!

Oh, no, that’s not what I meant. You can use the code at any rank, all you’re doing now is just Insta-Locking Alpha Predator/Alpha Sickle/Alpha Hair/Alpha Mask, when you could get it at Level 100 now.

Haha yea. I just kept getting emails from them saying they couldn’t keep up with demand so they kept pushing my order. And well, I get it almost a half a year later lol

Yea, that’s fair. But you know there might be someone desperate enough to want it so they don’t need to grind out 100 levels at least I hope so XD is reliable

Just don’t use the $4 shipping and go for the $8 shipping

My orders arrive within a week

Also ebay is very reliable especially if you can find a local seller

All in all, yea it was definitely not shipped when I wanted it too but it’s a great quality figurine for not being gauged out the anus price wise! I bought two of them for my GF and I and I didn’t pay more than $60Cad

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That’s awesome I’ll check into that thank you! This Alpha Predator Figurine was my first but it’s encouraging me to collect more of them. I love to collect stuff like that in general.

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Neca makes great collectibles that cover a wide range of pop culture stuff

They have their own ebay and Amazon stores as well

Also target and walmart carry some figures

Yea I see all their releases over social media now and they have some pretty legendary ones man, let me tell ya! Buuuuuut I’m afraid I’ll go broke getting into another collectable addiction related to pop culture! Lol

It’s like opening Pandora’s box lol

Started with neca for me

Expanded to other stuff over time 😅

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