Skill based matchmaking

So many people trash on it yet I’ve never heard a good reason for why it’s bad.

The most common two is it punishes players for improving and sets you up against opponents who are too good

A. Having players face similarly skilled opponents isn’t a punishment it’s called balancing.

B. What do you think no SBMM does? Sets you up against better opponents. Hell I had some one tell me that facing better opponents outside of our skill ranges is a good thing, in support of no SBMM. SBMM helps the latter problem, not make it.

An argument I heard once was that SBMM gets in the way of flow but that’s not true. It just isn’t. Any reason why it would, no SBMM is worse.

That’s the problem here, it’s not how the game is at base with SBMM, it’s SBMM versus no SBMM. And every problem is worse without it.

Unless your the top 10% in case your just constantly trashing on people and that’s not balanced.

Skill issue

Yes, definitely players who pruchase a gaming keyboard/mouse instead of using a controller should see benefits and not always being match made with them lousy controller people. Especially on a PVP and especially on PHG.

Mass you suck no matter what you use stfu.

the only legitimate arguement for no SBMM is simple

i don’t want to log on to X multiplayer game and have to try hard in every match i play

this is it the only arguement you can make because people see SBMM and think to themselves i don’t want to try hard right now and so they simply don’t play that game and they play something else

(I personally am a SBMM supporter) but this is the only arguement i’ve ever heard and understood that it is indeed an arguement as it’s also the reason people smurf

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I’d argue that while you’ll do worse, you’ll still be adequate enough to enjoy the game.

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