skill based weapons

what are they for pred ?

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Wrist blades, wrist gauntlet and disc melee only. I’m kidding, tbh they all take some skill to use effectively.


Bow, smart disc and handheld plasma caster.


wtb spear throws ?

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Yeah, that too.

Most people would probably agree on the bow,smart disc,and combistick all other weapons are either worse or easier versions of these weapons or they are melee only and just terrible by comparison

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Battle axe

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battle axe doesnt seem skill based it just seems broken

Some people will argue a melee weapon with no tracking or snapping is skill based they are (hopefully) memeing


I mean…it does take incredible timing, combined with a complete lack of awareness on the FT member to land a hit with the axe…so…eh?

Axe is random shit

I posit that the very nature of playing Predator requires skill in all aspects.

I would also posit that FT does, as well, with a few exceptions that I won’t list here because they’re somewhat apparent.

In order to play Predator well, it requires a combination of scheme, muscle memory, map knowledge, mission knowledge, and a good helping of skill.

Each weapon, no matter how ineffective, can be used well by a skilled Predator. Eliminate the bugs, and let the skill shine through.

I’m a FT Main, through and through, but there is nothing I love more in this game than going up against a skilled Predator.

Basically all given the current state of the game.