Slow Motion Predator 1.17 PC Public Match

pretty sure this happens after holding right click then left click weapons

also notice spastic hair…

and missing texture on back of city hunter’s head

This happened to me just now aswell in a game, couldnt jump or run in normal speed anymore, nothing i did let me get out of the slowmotion-glitch.

This is yet another broken update by fucked up illfonic. im almost done with this game now, the game feels more and more unreliable as time goes by, tragic on a potential game indeed.

@Courier This is the bug that’s afflicting City Hunter players. It isn’t tied to any specific weapon because multiple people report completely different loadouts. I was using Smart disc and Hand Held Caster, this frozen bug occured on two separate occasions in the same match using both weapons. Others have been using Combi Stick, some were using Bow. The common element is the City Hunter itself.