Smart Disc Bug

Smart disc dont work , we have 3 of them but if 1 of them is destroyed we cant use the other 2 …

I’ll pass this along, but if you have a video, that’s the most helpful thing for QA (so they can spot other things that may be things that could be part of the cause)


While you’re at it, do you mind looking into the issue with Predlocks? They’ve been needing a fix since 1.08.

Also the issue where disk gets stuck on invisible objects in open space


Oh, and the issue with the speed up mode. It either won’t speed up or gets stuck in speed mode.

also if we throw the disc and jump away the disc just go outside the map and cant use other smart discs until first one return

So disk is pretty wonky it seems 😅

They are trying to help you fix it man.

Least they got back to you!

@OldKingHamlet is doing good work

Or the issue where it just goes on its own mission and never comes back, preventing you from using them lol.

Wait what


Dude. The fuck?

Yup, for me the disc hit the ground at first, I jumped to collect it then it disappeared and I only had 2 discs left, then I looked on the map and I saw that lol.

And you couldn’t use the others?

Exactly, I couldn’t even melee with them.

Christ man

And how are illfonic suppose to identify what the actual problem is from this reply you sent?
You don’t give any information about the problem, only saying that they need to be fixed.
A videoclip with a description about the problem, how to recreate it etc helps alot.