Smart disc bugs

So, I experienced some bugs or glitches when I used the smart disc a few days ago. In one match, I was stuck in the plasma caster position after using the disc. I couldn’t move or do anything until I used the weapon wheel to switch weapons.

In another match, the predator would automatically attack on its own after using the disc. I wasn’t sure how to break free from this bug so I had to leave the match.

Yeah the disk is super sketchy and unreliable. It’s flight is also super jumpy and hard to aim, and it constantly gets stuck on things that aren’t there

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True, I wouldn’t take the disc to fight a good team. It’s fun to use against noobs though. If Illfonic improved on the disc and ironed out some of its kinks, it could be one of the best predator weapons. It has so much potential.

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That basically applies to the whole game 😅


Oh, and don’t forget it frequently gets stuck in speed up mode


This game could still reach its full potential. Maybe 2021 is the year when Illfonic finally gets their shit together.

I still don’t get why it gets so choppy mid flight, my connection has been great lately and sometimes it seems like it lags and other times it’s fine until it encounters any of the other problems.

Yeah I don’t know. It’s perfect in the tutorial and in solo privates. But in private lobbies or quick play it’s mostly trash. I’m hardwired into my ps4 with uber internet as well so it’s not lag on my end. And it never seems to matter what anyone else’s ping is. So most predator weapons are either broken or just ineffective 🙄

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Game’s perfect never criticize.


This is a completely different bug and it effects all melee

I haven’t experienced it any other time except for that one instance when I used the disc.

I’ve experienced it on every weapon except for war club, combi, sickle, and battle axe

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I got netted through a wall the other day a few times

So, I experienced another bug where I got shot from nowhere after using the disc. I went into second wind to heal and then I got shot from nowhere again. That made me lose the match.

I remember watching one of Taemiller’s videos and something similar happened to him when he was using the disc.

Recalling disk puts me in slow ADS walk bug. Every. Single. Time. Fucking trash ass game

I’ve experienced that bug too. I found that going through the weapon wheel can sometimes fix the bug.

Agreed. I’m just tired of having to work around bugs. Figured I would add it to the pile for them to ignore as they jerk each other off over garbage content nobody wants.

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I don’t know if this is a bug but I’ve found that the disc is a lot slower after today’s hotfix. It also takes a while to speed up the disc.