Smart Disc Return speed

The smart Disc return speed is too fast. The smart disc should go ‘slow’ until the predator is in clear line of sight to disc (or after a short delay) and then fly at full speed. Presently it returns at full speed into an obstacle or requires fancy piloting to a clear return point.

Advantages: This allows the predator to reposition between throws and catch the disc in a more controlled fashion than relying on the very limited flight window.

Disadvantage: Theoretically lowers throws per minute, but only in situations that require a clear line of sight to FT–which are frankly foolish against any experienced FT.


well. give it 30 minutes until it comes back and probably is better to destroy it…second…remove the smart disk, third remove pred inventory let them only with the wrist blades…
U for real man?

smart disk is used to take down those who heal up their mates.

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This change actually would improve that functionality and would provide a buff to the disc, not a nerf.

Release behind a tree, engage target, break control, transition to new cover, catch disc en route while moving rather than having disc strike the tree you were using in the first place.

What I want is more control on the return flight. A delay before full speed on return allows this window.

That’s kind of a dicey thing because on one hand I agree it would be nice to be able to have it easier navigated back towards you. But on the other hand it makes it easier for the FT to shoot it on return and find where the predator is as well.

basicly is not the speed that u want to be nerfed.
u want a mechaninc to be implement to trow the disk and after that moving in to a position so u can not stand in only one specific spot to get back the disk withouth geting it stuck in some prop.

Correct. The disc would still have the same top speed. The change would be only to the INITIAL return speed based on either timer or the preds line of sight to the disc.

Most likely the former for simplicity and consistency.

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Wow, that’s a very nice suggestions. I’d really like that. Slower speed as long as predator isn’t in line of sight to the disc, as soon as it is, the disc should have the same return speed as it has now.

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I like the idea. Actually make the smart disc smart. Perfect.


Also reduces the chance of the disc getting stuck in places you cant reach. Like the inside of a rock or tree

Man I main disc and it doesn’t need a buff or nerf

I think it’d be a more QoL change more than anything

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But it needs serious work since games launch.

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I mean barley it’s just fine lol the damage output is perfect for how hard it iz to control for some ppl,but I do here about ppl getting frame drops ect that’s what needs to be fixed lol nothing else at all

it suffers massively from the ping, teleporting around and through the fireteam sometimes, getting stuck in air. It needs optimization somehow. I do very well with it often, but sometimes its just so fucked over

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I rarely get the glitches ect for it but gameplay wise with out that stuff it’s damn near perfect lol

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Exactly, without the bugs :D

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If anything the hurtboxes of the FT need to be reworked when they’re crouching. I don’t play Predator often but when I do I hate my attacks going through them when they’re crouching.

Its really a Quality of Life change. If you really feel that a 0.5 to 2 second delay between ending the flight duration and top speed is an issue, then an argument could be made to have the FINAL return top speed be above current margins so that the total airtime remains roughly the same.

The goal, as mentioned, is to create a more fluid Smart Disc for throwing and catching while in cover.

[Edit: Yes, I get frame drops too on the throw. But that still falls under optimizations which… I’m not about to get my hopes up for just yet xD]

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It’s not a problem with frame drops, the disc is actually lagging when flying. With frame drops I’d be still able to manouver it like I want, but the lags change it’s actual position in the air, like teleporting. That causes it getting stuck in places I should easily be able to avoid.