Smart disc thermal vision

I really find it a little bit irritating that when I am in my second vision mode and I throw my smart disc it doesn’t remain in thermal vision.

Would it be possible to make it where I can remain in thermal once I throw my smart disc, please?


Do you want it to view the smart disc view in thermal or do you just want to go back into thermal when the disc stops.

Smart disk view in thermal



I don’t think this will be comfortable. In thermal vision it’s hard sometimes to navigate and you want to control a disk. Big chance to hit an object

You’ll want that until you hit one of those tiny trees without realizing it’s there.


nerf FT vision make thermal mandatory OP

its a predator game and people are like noooo its hard to see as this half blind monster


Ikr, ask @Fire he’s seen how I play and I’m damn near always in thermal. Kind of weird that if you lose your mask you’re not always in thermal, I kind of get why but still.

Ugh fuck that.

You’re just mad because


You’re special alright.
So special your bus only has three rows.


That just means it’s exclusive.


I was actually a little upset when my mask came off the 1st time ever and it made 0 difference in my vision.

Like yo… Predators see in shoddy thermal vision, the mask filters it for them and has other filters but no. Nothing fun like that.

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I think only Dying Light and L4D multiplayer make a game mechanic out of limited vision.

everything has to be focus-group tested mass appeal garbage because people might not like a filter on their screen or a blinding effect

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I actually think it’s motion vision.

At least that’s the feeling I’ve always got.

It’s pit viper vision isnt it?
natural close range infrared.

biomask is the equivalent of glasses and every pred is velma.

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Click click click. Click click click. (my bio-mask! Where’s my bio-mask!)

From what I noticed Dutch was lit up only at certain points. If it was some sort of Thermal wouldn’t it of been more consistent?

If it was motion base though then that’d make sense since Dutch would of been through inconsistent stages of moving between getting punched.

Effect of trying to filter light radiation on a moving image. We only get to see what the camera sees since we cant see true infrared. we see a false colored image of arnie but thats fault of the camera trying to convert infrared colors to our visible light spectrum which is where all the detail gets lost so idk, that probably looks perfectly consistent for a predator in some wide unfathomable range of colors. Thermal to us isn’t what thermal actually looks like, its just filtered for us via contrasting colors like reds and blues or black and white.
I toss it up to our thermal camera limitations.

Doubt there’s enough light for their eyes to function properly on earth biomaskless with how hot they need everything anyways, we’re probably short a sun.

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Best part is that if you’re cloaked with TV on and throw the disc, it causes your eyes to flash because you change visors some people can see you lol

This would be great but can we get different sensitivities for both sides? Why is it that I can’t have a higher sensitivity for my pred and a low one in my FPS fireteam?!