Snack teir list

How do I down vote?

@Courier can we report this for false information

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What do you think is wrong about this

Trash pick line ups

Animal crackers sucks ass and so does raisins, and same for sunflower seeds

Or are you saying the whole thing is trash or the “trash can” teir

Honestly I agree with 80 percent of this just from a glance you had me at sour cream and onion pringles as S tier

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Sunflower seeds are amazing lmao

No, they suck, they have no flavor and are disgusting

How do they no have flavor have u ever had them?!

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Coffee + Whiskey

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I’ve had sunflower seeds before

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Who puts any kind of chips in D tier?
There’s nasty chocolate trail mix and everything else before doritos.
Ruffles next to chex mix?

Ah I see, I hate cool ranch Doritos they taste bad

So does classic ruffles

Maybe I should’ve put Chex mix a bit higher I kinda like those

Unacceptable tier list

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Maybe at like c teir

Well, an opinion is just an opinion