So about the next GEN console specs...

2 questions

How does GDDR6 ram work? I mean DDR5 is coming soon but not even here for PC yet. The G in front of DDR must make sense of that damn 6. I see next Gen will also have 4k 120fps. RDNA is seemingly about to whip some booty.

I just built a new rig with specs that should be well above any next gen console but its feeling a bit like tortoise and the damn hare. I suppose the 120fps will be on medium settings and wont look as nice.

Should I have waited to build a new rig? I do have the 30 days to return and the micro center warranty. I hate to have spent so much and get out performed by a console. Say it aint so.

Whats your gear like (CPU /videocard and mainboard) and what res are you playing PHG at?

Im running i5 (4Cores4Threads) socket 1151 LGA. RX 480 RADEON 8GB STRIX ROG
I’m getting solid 30+ FPS at 1080p Windowed fixed Winow.

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Rog strix x570
Ryzen 9 3900x
Rtx 3080 msi ventus
Crucial 32gb 2400
Ssd samsung evo 970
Cooler master ml240
Lian li lancool 2 mesh
Evga 850w gold

2k asus vg249q monitor

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Just smh looking at jay2cents talk about how rdna2 is in the new consoles. Its as powerful as a 2080ti. But hey power to the console master race. Pc gamer getting our pockets rape apparently…