So, after cleo what do we get ?Dlc predictions

Ok, I know the update was yesterday but I wanted to talk about october’s dlc. Here is my predictions :

  • A big update, not that much bugs fixed but a lot of content
    -If we don’t get them in september, the saber mask and new leaked masks spider, detox, relic and sempi
    An Archive for all the leaks
    -The predator bundle’s warpaints
  • One year after clash, we finally get another game mod LoneWolf/Gauntlet (I think gauntlet will be the one cause it was discovered for the first time one year before but idk maybe it’s hope talking here, not me 🥺)
    -A new tiki predator with the leaked tribal skin shader and a spear skin
    And that’s all, tell me if I missed something

I understand time zones blah blah blah but I find it funny that 40 minutes past midnight warrants yesterday

that’s cause I’m french dude it’s 9:49am out here

10 shillings on Scar being next

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still hope man

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Isabelle 2010 version incoming…

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next dlc is a Predator

Devs already confirmed it’s Cowboy Pred and Eskimo Pred up next.

Further down the line they’re working on Vegas Magician Pred and Hawaiian Hulu Girl Pred.


maybe a Caveman Predator and then a primeval Pred

Don’t know who but another tank with another melee weapon :)

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Gladiator Predator

Medieval Predator

T800 Predator aka The Predinator

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gladiator predator is a good idea !(no comment for the predinator)

Heard they were introducing Breadator.

Imagine if cowboy is a code name for Wolf and Eskimo for Scar.

I do think that Tiki is next and he’s a stand-in for a movie Predator. Super predators are out assuming the head was an issue. In this case basing it off how universal handled things it could be a generic AVP styled Predator which would explain why the marked helmet is found in a three mask bundle. Scar won’t be the AVP rep someone else will at least based on mask.

I trademarked that years ago , just incase such a scenario popped up , you will be hearing from my lawyer regarding a cease and desist

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How about not having 2 shitty dlc classes in a row?

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You have more chance of finding a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow 🧐.

The best part is that they confirmed themselves that anything else that would be dropping? Was basically done and being drip fed to the players .

So makes you wonder why the game is in such a state? My guess is they have stopped most of the support for their other game , and anything since the one year anniversary? Is icing on their cake

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I’ve got no idea ¯_(ツ)_/¯ what’s coming
All I know is the next thing in the “roadmap” is another Predator

Patches for these shitty bots forever because they will always be either overtuned or undertuned but someone wanted to be able to put player bots on their job resume.

As for DLC it’ll be another reskinned zerk with a reskinned melee weapon