So, COP 27.

That happened.

  • an end to the expansion of animal agriculture;
  • the promotion of a shift to sustainable plant-based diets;
  • and an effort to “reforest and rewild” planet Earth.[42]

Not exciting just expected. World population is decreasing in dramatic numbers considering the baby boomer gen are slowing fading away.
and the shift to plant food, no its an increase production of plant based foods because the world just suck it up because its easier to plant vegies than to raise animals so it will drop the prices of fresh vege produce everywhere.

Meaning while animal products will increase in price, vegies will decrease.

Its a good trade off.

Bruh, we have 8 Billion people now. That’s bullshit lol

World just hit 8 billion a week ago.
Population is growing 1,5 million per week.
At this pace, it’s hitting 9 billion in 13 years.

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I wonder what the projected numbers were 10 years or 20 years ago. Must be the same right?
Did we expect a few wars to happen? pandemics?

You gain some you lose some.
Plus there are going to be mandates from all governments to lower the carbon in the air and change industries to alternative fuels. Got to put those numbers down too because its not natural fluctuations here, some of it is government order problems which may slow growing population because of the lack of income.

I’m getting Deja Vu from the first 26 COPs.

they never referred to it as COP until as of late is that right? Mostly ive only them calling it Climate Change Conference UNFCCC. Conference of the Parties, COP actual.

or further back Meeting of Parties to the Kyoto Protocol"

Bruh whatever, but the fact is it’s been going on since before I was born and fuck-all’s changed. If anything, it’s gotten worse. Consumerism as a societal mechanism of commerce isn’t helping matters.

well the nuclear program is what everyone wants to abolish. Make way for Fusion energy and such.

He means its somewhat dropping , bill gates has been rushed off his feet

That’s literally just the opposite of fission (a.k.a. what the layman calls ‘nuclear’). It still involves the collision of atoms and creation of new elements, just by smooshing them together rather than by chopping them up.

It isn’t tho, it literally isnt XD

How much is bill paying you!?

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I’m retired, i need it lol

Fr tho, ole Bill can barely control his own arms anymore XD
Have you seen him attempt a dab?

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I dont get invited to his parties 👉🏻 . This all but confirms my suspicions 🤔😄

There’s like a youtube video of it, it’s hilarious. He makes like half a T-pose then just stops midair lol

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It was probably a Windows 11 error

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Bill Gate’s Google glasses display screen:
you're screwed

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