So I realized something about Predator melee today

I ran into match where it was one ft member obviously Im not going to kill him whats the fun in that, instead I helped them through the mission.
But what I realized if you have a melee weapon out near a ft member there is slight aim assist that adjusts the camera to ft player add 3 more people no wonder the tracking is wonky.
With the ft members moving around so much, aim assist is most likely having trouble staying locked to one target, it might be the source of some melee tracking problems, let me know what you think.

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Ive came across this issue. Mainly with combi and the plasma pistol maybe another bug… possibly??

Its not a bug its just poorly implementated aim assist.

I agree it needs to be solved in next patch. Im haveing issues with leaping. Almost every other leap i lag really bad, or my game completely crashes. My wifi isent the issue i got a fresh motom installed my internet speed is threw the roof.

So im wondering if the game is just not working tonight or what. Ive seen other people complaining about the game crashing but there on pc. And im on the ps4. So im just a little confused atm

Honestly they should have an option to turn off aim assist instead of removing it, aim assist helps some people, I personally turn it off, messes up my aim.

Bugs are going to exist no matter what, that will take time and crashes are do to crossplay most likely, whats your ping that would cause most of what your explaining? Also turn off crossplay if your on PS4.

Add an option to allow for free aim

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That would help alot of people.

I’ve noticed the tracking follows the orientation of the camera and not the orientation of the Predator. Either that or I’m insane.

Its the camera if you dont move and ft member is by you, it will move the camera towards them.

Im going to try to get my friend on to show a video later hopefully.