So is 3D Draw distance still an issue?

I mean PHG draw distance was a huge thing and partly why there is a problem with the amount of detail dragging FPS down.

Like, is there a monitor application that can seek and display the amount of triangles being rendered at once?

Did digital foundry make a review of PHG?

In an effort to understand the drops, we need to not try to change visual aspects of this game by micromanaging the radius of our feild of view, but to understand how the game engine needs to handle how much is rendered view blurring or just making replacements for far away objects so that rather than rendering the entire object where its not being interacted with into a 2d object, especially when the far object has a pred runniing on it.

I just find that the only thing that needs to be done is to define what needs to be replaced…but in that effort it might be too obvious to the user to tell if a pred is on it or not.

Its a fucked up problem i get it.
My guess is the naturalistic approach would be just to keep it as it is and upgrade hardware and then you will have a flawless game while maintaining the FPS count equitable to the hardware.
becuase otherwise, if you start replacing shit so that it is “optimized” you’ll get some differences in visuals in which the human eye can actually tell a replacement from an actual real high def thing. Again, when an pred is literally on a tree, it can’t be replaced because that has to be rendered in realtime.

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It’s a good subject but instead of incoherently ranting why not do some benchmark testing

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