So let get me get this straight...

with the Armor buff, Scouts have turned into Hunters, Hunters into Berserkers and Berserkers into Juggernauts?


I think the buff is only at certain times is it not? Like being in second wind or healing?

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I think is activates when the Predator has about 20% health left

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Best scene of that movie

I just assumed I was getting faced with bad teams. My Scout build though I’m really liking. Don’t know why I haven’t been playing that more.

I think I played against you, you’re just not good at ft.
If it was you, your group had like 2 or 3 feild medics, and 3 of you were support for sure.
There was nothing helping you guys tho eith the bad tracking and slow reactions.

If it was you.
I saw a dude named obe on ps4.

No. The armor buff is not real HP. They go into wind and down just as fast

dont change a damn thing. its still easy to melt pred.

No. Not even a little.

Sorry, couldn’t have been me. In my group I am the only one who runs Support. Not to mention there are more than a few people with the name obe on the PSN directory.

Naaah. Pred is still weak.

That’s why I said if.
Wasnt sure.

But ya, the armor hadsn’t made preds tanks.
I tried the zerk btw, I Put impenetrable just to see if they would be super tanky,
I didnt notice a huge difference.
Just a lil bit more defense.

But I still dont like zerk.

Is The ironside perk any good for pred? It shields you more from being shot in the back and sides etc when healing , claiming?

I’ve never used it.
Tho @REYNOSO_FUA11 says it’s good.

Sorry couldn’t tell ya.

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Not bad makes a decent difference going up against a pred that has it however I use it on my scout so I really can’t tell the difference except in a clutch moment.

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I’ve tried to run scout before but I’m not very skilled as pred and the lower health just gets me melted . I didn’t start using large pouch until now , definitely a must have

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I’ve just recently put on adrenal, large pouch, and iron sides on my scout as well as trying out the bow again. The scouts a bit tricky but you just gotta keep moving at all times.

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The “armor buff” is a generic term used to compile any changes used on the Predator damage formulas. Illfonic posted about it on Twitter I think. It made it clear that it was a catch-all term. There are a lot of variables on damages,Ike shot locations, predator positioning etc that all feed into the formula.