So Sound bug still a thing

Really 10 characters really

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Yep, still going strong happening to me more and more often. Last time I played it happened on more than half of all my matches.

It’s a feature at this point

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I had that.
I disabled 3d sound and never happened again. Not a single time.

Well I don’t have that luxury.

Did you restart the game after disabling it?

Do you have any idea how many times we’ve had this exact conversation?

I’m only saying cause everytime it happened to me i disabled the 3d sound and it would only fix it for 1 or 2 matches.
And this time i restarted the game after disabling the 3d sound and it solved the problem.

Ik that, you’ve told me at least 6 times before. Now I will tell you for the 7th time, I do not have a PS5 I’m on PS4. This bug has been happening way before the Ps5 released and has never been fixed.4

You may be confused, cause i only have a PS5 for 2 weeks now… But ok.

Not about you turning off 3D audio specifically but in general that I’m order to try and fix this bug to turn off 3D audio.

Ok. I’m sorry then

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Lol it’s all good, I’m just starting to lose my mind regarding this fucking glitch.