So was this a hack or a bug? Gunned down and defused from a large distance

Looks like a desynchronization.
It happens rarely but can be annoying.

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I know exactly what happened there
Your predator was just standing still Infront of them when you tried to ran away
Sometimes it happens and you can’t do anything about that
It looks like the screen is different for every person in this game Lol

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Network Package Desync.
We are watching what your Client of the Game thinks where you are running, while you are stuck in front of the house for everyone else.
You can see by how they guard your invisible corpse.
Happens occasionally, very frustrating and hard to notice.

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Definitely a hack 💯

Desynchronization. You were somewhere else on their screens. That’s why your 2nd wind health went down in 2 seconds. They were easily shooting at you. Shit happens…

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It’s called a desync. Basically, the server is not synchronized with your console, so it has you stuck in place next to the Fireteam, while your console is allowing you to move around freely in your version of the world.

It could be related to crossplay. The last time I had a desync, it was in a match with 3 PC players. I can’t remember the last time I had a desync with only console players in the lobby.

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Thanks for the info, all of you. I appreciate it very much!

So turning off cross play really is the solution to all my problems? Hell is there anything it can’t do?

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For using a female pred you deserve it

it’s not a hack… I can also make myself invisible and the best teams can’t track me on the map… with their garbage helmets of people who are you.

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Make yourself invisible? You mean using discipline and staying cloaked and not engaging? You’re the worst pu$$y potato player I know.

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Still much better than those pew-pew-jump bunny hoppers.

what a fool you are! I don’t use discipline, you idiot, a boastful piece of man. At night, I don’t use my cloak and I don’t make noise, in the fear of idiots like you… and look for me, my dear, if you find me, you can see.

Literally he stayed hidden cloaked the whole time. It’s just a waste and its best to just quit the lobby with this guy.

Scarface and his friends are foaming at the mouth because they can’t kill me! They detonate barrels and insult me… Rombak is not stupid, he also realized that the boys are gay and lets them play alone or he will look for me and kill me if he is belligerent

Against that type of gameplay just push mission and cover yourself.
Like i said, staying cloaked and silent it’s still more respectful than those pew-pew-jump players.

I don’t think you’re understanding me, he literally doesn’t do anything, he stays hidden and never engages, it’s a waste of time.

Oh… I thought he at least shot some plasma with the pistol or some arrows.
In that case, he is even worse than pew-pew-jump Preds.

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Exactly 💯

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