So what do you think?

I woke up this morning, had morning cup of coffee which is labelled cup of respect, then i thought to myself “what should I start off with first?” read the news or proclaim @Scarface_1983 is a gay homosenxual?
What do you think? Discuss!

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I think you’re gay.


not quite.

That afro says different.

not quite, but thanks for your reference.

That’s exactly what a gay guy would say.

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here cum sacface with his homoerectus!

Idk mass, I think when we tag you in anything that has to do with black people you get a little irritated.

Trying to swerve away from your apparent intolerance for people of color by writing some random craziness isn’t helping your case js not this time pal 🤷🏽‍♂️

We are all onto you now 🧐


He may be, but right now you’re the epitome of gay.

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only gay people use that word.geezub

Oh I’m sorry, too big a word for you?

What’s your letter limit then?

i’m better than you!

No you’re not xD.
You’re so insignificant you’re not even in my shadow.
The only use you have is my entertainment.

Now go back to being randy savage.

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Then the world has no more use for you!


It’s hard for you to realize…Scarface is the chaff of society. A racist, Tresor, trash of a man, typical of those from his country.

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Ah, it was about gay. It’s not hard to deduce. He is surrounded by friends who immediately jump to save him from a verbal conflict. Those boys are actually his little girls. Rombak pisses everyone. Rombak warior.

And I’m a homicidal maniac, what’s your point?