So , where is the Update ?

Buff predator pls or nerf Fireteam
I’m the guy who win all my match with predator and Fireteam
But in fact
You have to nerf Fireteam and buff the Predator
And I hope you fix the leap slam bug in the new update
I told you about this bug on 2.05 patch
And you didn’t fix that

Dec 22


Hey that’s the date I proposed for the bet dammit!

Really ? :|

You mean we havent any update on Nov ?


Well we got 3 new masks

That means an update :)))) ?

Next month for sure lol

3 useless mask with a shader bug :)))

TBH that bug should just be base

I never agreed to a bet!

But now that you mention…

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I think I’m the only one who assumed holiday meant over Christmas or before christmas, I assumed they were going to use it as a promo to try and sell more units before Christmas Day

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Here we go again

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The VIKING DLC on PSN states, “The battle axe will be earned through gameplay come December”.

Assuming this will coincide with what we will receive with the update.

I’m predicting, new map, new mode, new character, mountain of fixes to tide us over the holidays.

Heres to hoping :)




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Lots and lots… of pain xD

Ya. Holidays is literally december.

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