Solo/Coop Predator Mode + Multi-Predator Hunt

Quick thoughts:

Solo/Coop Predator Mode:
It would be awesome if we get a challenge type of mode in this game.

You load into a map and have a set of challenges/enemies to kill in certain ways. When that is done you can go back to your ship to finish the mode and get some sweet xp. What would make this even better is the ability to load in with a friend and both of you get to play as Predators to hunt together.

Multi-Predator Hunt:
-Simply put, 2 or 3 predators team up to hunt down a larger fireteam of 8-12(8 may work perfectly, but not sure). Maybe keep Derailed out of the map rotation because that map is too small for something like this in my opinion.

-The fireteams could be split in half and can decide to try and group up or go their own way (Like in Predators, sort of). In this mode maybe the fireteams need to complete 2 or 3 different missions in order to exfil. Or they can kill the Predators to win the game. The addition of Fireteam bots will help fill lobbies as well, just in case more people want to play as the predators(These bots are scary as hell some times, they don’t miss haha!)

-Keep all of the stats/abilities for the Predators except keep self-destruct for the last Predator standing.

These are just some quick thoughts on things that I am sure the community has been asking for since day 1, but I am going to speak this into existence.

Be nice to each other and I hope @IllFonic takes these suggestions seriously. I love the game and want to see things like this added to spice up the gameplay.

@Courier @OldKingHamlet


Yeah asking Illfonic nicely is like asking for a mass murderer not to shoot you.


Whatever mode they would add to the game is a WELCOME one.


Idk about whatever mode.
Imagine they just add clash again but no predator.
Gauntlet mode is the main thing everyone wants for a new mode. They could also allow more predators in clash with modifying it in private matches

  • Imagine they just add clash again but no predator

Don’t give them weird ideas ahahahh