Some fanart I found on Google

Recently heard about a “master” or “elite” version for the predator classes; likely only for the original three. Regardless though I hope they’ll function like the elite skins for the ft, so full cosmetic changes.

Long story short I saw these two images and gave me a possible fist for what two of the master classes might look like.

I dunno but possible Master Hunter and Master Scout


Those look amazing

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I’m always ready for another scout predator

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These are great.

They’re the kind of Preds that should be in the game instead of the stupid history-cosplay Preds.


They also ain’t pink and shit so I would be happy if they came into the game

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Hey, I love those predators that were so moved by their prey that they honored them by adoring their culture!😅

What’s wrong with pink…? Tis a true manly man’s color after all.😅

Just found the guy who did that second design. Illfonic should be employing him:

Tiago Rios


Me too!

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Just imagine will if they stopped the cosplay and started getting inspiration from the predator fan art online we’re gonna get a bunch of cool shit

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They do indeed. We can only speculate till they’re releases but hopefully the armor variants, which I imagine thats what they’ll be, hell, maybe even predlock variants for the original two as well or custom “scout, hunter and Berserker” will come with them.

Oh shit, good job!

Look at this bad boy! Alternative Elder.


Yea they should definitely hire this guy

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But I really like the “cosplay”

I have been in love with European cultures, as I am fifth generation European descent, and what has fascinated me most about my ancestors were the norseman; vikings.

So valk and viking were super big additions for me.😅 They cool. It’s really damn neat knowing theynresoected their adversaries that much.

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If all goes well maybe we can get a master variant for all of them; Master Elder, Master Alpha, Master JH, Master CH, etc

Did you look at this guys xeno that he made?

It is pretty damn cool

Yeah this guy is really talented

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Nice. I really like the 2nd one. As an aside, I do think the netting should be all over though, not just on the legs.