Some Suggestions

Some of these might have already been covered but im a terrible person and cba using the search function.

I bought the game a couple of days ago and have been loving it ever since but theres some blatant quality of life improvements that can be made. Please sort out the matchmaking, its really horrendous. Spending 20 mins waiting for a game as the Predator only to lose a player, then spend another 10 mins waiting to fill that 1 player spot is soul destroying.
Theres no way you cant find 1 player , across all platforms, within 10 mins to start a match and if you cant then it must say a lot about the player base.

Add a chat function in the game lobby. The timer in that thing is so incredibly long im surprised people dont just leave out of frustration, at least with a chat box you have something to do rather than sit and stare at the screen, hoping to god someone doesnt drop out.

Would be nice to have some more Predator taunts added to the wheel. The Roar is a nice touch but having only that and the candy one seems a bit lacking. AvP2 had some decent sounds, clicking and alternate Roars.

Some more customization for both sides would also be nice. Understand that you may want to cash in with dutch and viking predators etc but it would be nice to see more mask choices or armor choices for both sides.

Just remembered another one. Make the AI a bit stronger, currently they are so dumb and weak that they are purely filler so the games not over in 2 seconds. As a predator doing a full trophy kill and face tanking an AI enemy is weak. making them stronger would slow down fireteams and make the FT /Pred game more intense.

These are just some of the things that came to mind when i was playing. Really enjoying the game despite the long load times.

You have chat while you wait to load in.
So thats ready there.

No, the a.i. should not do more damage to the pred.