Someone fixed Mr.Black

Here’s a cheat sheet illfonic to make Mr.Black not look stupid


Nice, he just needs to look more muscular. He is still too slim here. Other than that, a step of improvement indeed

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Wow that’s just gorgeous, the mandibles would have need to be longer, but it’s already super fine


Now that looks real good

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Noice. Really makes me wish there was an option to remove the mask, or not even have one, like a hardcore mode since there’s no IR vision.

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Tbh he looked dumb in the movie, he looks dumb in the game rn, and just about nothing can change that :/

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Is the figure of hot toys, neca is better!

Swore his mandible barely moved inward, really protruded outward and extended even further when he roared.

Still less cartoony than the one we got.

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Deffo a massive improvement over that terrible reskin they have right now! Hopefully they address this soon and also add their own unique sounds.

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I agree neca is superior but hot toys still makes some good stuff

Something’s wrong with the proportion of the mandibles and the size of the face compared to his head.

Nope…this is not a fix but probably a hint on what the tone of his face should be like.

I think I seen a better depiction on reddit with the right tweaks and improvement. Is also a photoshopped image but done better.

Yeah but it’s better than looking at this eye sore

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It’s so bad just like the devs

LMFAO is this the real in-game design? My first time seeing this and omg it looks like shit.

Thats a photoshop of Hot toys Berserker 1/6 scale figure… its nice, I have it, but its not movie accurate.

No it’s not it’s the hot toys berserker predator figures head photoshoped onto the mr black model

Yeah I saw it on reddit and I blows illfonics face out of the water

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I knowman, they’ve totally messed his face up. And body. And parts of his armour…
I’m not even going to mention dreds…

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I thought it was a joke first too


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His face is wrong he’s to skinny they(falconer) dont have their SFX’s from the movie and his dreds wriggle around like convulsing hognose snakes