Sony Rewards!

Whyyy!!! Why do of age gamers who already have credit cards not sign up for the rewards program.

Its easy as fuck and the points you get add up super quick of you not trying to buy a ps5 or a tv with points!

They never advertise it so 90% of people know it exists let alone know how to sign up.

I’m also taking a stab in the dark and saying this has to do with PS plus do to the brief mention in another thread that I know you’ve seen.

Being able to circumvent a bad business model doesn’t make it excusable. Especially since I have to pay Sony money to get this circumvating.

Plus you should be spending those points in games not PS plus.

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No one knows this exists. Explain it to me. Points for purchases?

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So I have a Sony Credit card. It comes with a rewards system! Its like your basic credit card points system.

I use it for basic purchases like gas. Mainly gas But I also use it to bye Sony Licensed product’s like a headset or games! You get dbl points.

Then they have rewards Like ps plus or ps now discount codes and such. Has big “Prizes” like sony Tv’s and ps5 and accessories but they like a billion points lol.

Ps plus is 3000 points and thats like 6 months pf purchase, now sony also does deals that give your points more value during the Days of Play in July. Ps plus is if I remember is like 1500 points. So I say mine points to stock up during those deals.

I have been doing this for the last 6 years or so I haven’t “bought” plus since the very first time! So since I need gas in my car and Everyone needs to drive why not make it help you get more ps plus. And such!

Also I the card is a Visa Card its just ties into the points system with Sony.

Also this also got me pre-pre-Orders on the ps5 hence why i was able to get it day one.

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Lol I just got a email about my points increasing in value and that every time I swipe my sony card I enter myself into a drawing for a 80 inch 4k tv and a ps5 digital bundle worth 1200$ lol.

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OOOOOHHHHHHHhhhhh… it’s a credit card. Nope. No thank you. Not for me. Now that Im out from under all that shit, I ain’t ever going back. There is no amount of points or rewards that could change my mind. CC’s ARE Satan’s stankiest farts!

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Yeah. I use mine very responsible. Only make purchases that I know I can pat off on pay day!