Fix the sound bug already Illfonic!!!


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I’ve never once experienced a sound bug on the PS5 on any maps. I suspect there’s something interfering with your system/ PC. Maybe connection issues or something running in the background?


I’m also on PS5 and I’ve been experiencing the sound bug for a few months now.

What sound bug? Is it the one where a gun shot is stuck? I have recently noticed gun shots from other camps are not audible no more. Has anyone noticed that? Even when you’re getting closer it barely sounds as if a shooting was going on.

The sound bug is when all the audio gets muted or very quiet.

Hmmm… That one has’t happened to me

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It’s been happening to me since excavation came out.

Wow!!! All I have noticed is what I mentioned: when you were sitting on the center of the map, you could hear gunshots from other camps. Not loudly, but you could hear them. Now I can’t hear shit, and as I’m getting closer, I can, but it’s not as loud as it was before. You actually need to be in between the shots to hear them loud.