Sound, controls, imagery bugged out bad

Is anyone else’s game bugged hella out (if their still playing especially after an hour of waiting to only play for 5 minutes )
Sounds-(only sound of pigs squeal, and cloaking is going through my headset before it died and speakers ) no firing of weapons or burning let alone sounds of npcs and yes 3d is off
Controls- my latency is very slow takes a few seconds to react and 30 to switch weapons
Imagery- very blurry even after I stopped moving
All this is on ps4 yes I have a 5 but don’t play this game or others like this title on it

So much suffering for a fucking console at 30 fps ) install the game on pc and enjoy it
I don’t wonder why ps players die in the first minute of a match ) not only do they spend half an hour turning on the controller, but they can’t hear or see the predator )))

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Takes me like a minute to turn on my controller. And I can hear AND see the Pred. I must be hacking.