can we make it so the fire team can’t see what specialization the predator is using because when they see I am using tracker or disciplined they tend to leave the match

Only way to make that fair is by not allowing the pred to see what the FT is running otherwise it’s not fair.


totally agree with you and that tracker perk needs a longer isolation cooldown period if its going to make mudding up pointless

Unless you fully scan them.

But at the same time, if people leave because of a certain specialisation then they’re asses, you have to put with Assault Deadly and Field Medic from their side and even more crap lol.

some people don’t like change ha when they know they getting tracked after mudding up through target isolation because of tracker they getting pissed ha and that disciplined is great for going stealthy and again they are annoyed because they cant hear the clicking haha

Then if the FT spot the pred they should be able to see able to see the specialization too.

That just means they are sissies and you win. They off’d themselves as far as the game is concerned 😉