Sprint Toggle glitch since recent patch 2.50


I always play as the FT, have noticed now since the 2.5 patch that Sprint Toggle (L3) is glitchy, i.e it usually takes 2 or 3 presses of L3 to start running.

In the middle of a sprint (once it works) pressing L3 again to stop sprinting works every time.

Serious playability issue especially in the lead up to and in the middle of a firefight. Sprint worked perfectly every time in 2.49




Yeah bro they have completely fucked it up now. It’s glitchy as fuck now. Sometimes it works, other times you need to click it numerous times and it still sometimes doesn’t work.

Yeah, I’ve noticed this too. Playing on PS4 Pro. Sprint mapped to L3. Pre 2.50 I never had an issue, but I encounter it all the time now. I don’t have any gripes with the patch changes to FT “weight” and stamina, but with this on top it can make it feel like you’re controlling a hippo.

Same. Was really frustrating to have to deal with when you needed to run, you have to hammer the stick to get a response.

Thanks all for confirming the same. I was hoping it wasn’t just me 😁

This shit sucks so bad as Pred. I’m used to being able to be in sprint in a single click, good for running around popping people with the bow, dodging shots and being a menace with Wolf and Elder. Now it’s hard as shit. Worse than as FT. Like it frustrates me so much

Still testing but Im pretty sure its this

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Have you found a work around the sprinting issues?

Yeah I’ve experienced this too. Hopefully it’ll be fixed soon

Sorry BW66 what do you mean by the picture?


Picture is what triggers not being able to sprint, try switching weapons with weapon wheel to solve ‘last weapon’ + ‘toggle Sprint’

This is also a bug that affects sprint

Yeah the last weapon / weapon switch appears to break the sprint toggle straight away.

Using the weapon wheel, sprint toggle appears to be ok. Until you arrive at the next waypoint and the AI bots arrive and it breaks again. 2-3 L3 presses and you start running again. By then you’re an easy target for the predator in most cases and you’re down 😕

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I have the same problem with the left stick when it comes to running. The problem also exists with different controllers on ps5 and pc after the last update. I hope the damage is fixed soon. There is no problem in any other game, only this one.

Is there anything that could possibly fix it, like changing button bindings? Its easier to manage as FT but as Pred its almost game breaking since you need to sprint at a moment’s notice.

True. But it’s not only weapon that triggers it. In my case it’s every action. Changing weapons, switch to underbarrel grenades, using syrette, knife, everything. Every action need aprox. 2 sec interval

I was going to do detailed testing this weekend, that’s fucked, what do you mean by 2 seconds though

Like i have to press several times the buttons for it to register. Does’t happen all the time. I haven’t found the pattern yet. Don’t know what triggers the issue

This is correct, I haven’t tested it too much either (I might later tonight) but there is a delay between activating sprint that requires multiple button presses before it works. Like for example I’ve slid after sprinting, done an action, and instead of going immediately back into sprint after hitting L3, I have to click it two or three times before it registers again. And its the same for Pred.

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For Pred the changes actually make sense. Before the Patch, you had to toggle/hold sprint after leaping or jumping. After the Patch if you’re srpinting and you jump it will resume sprinting automatically without tje need to toggle L3 again.