So any body anywhere in betweeen watching these two series?
I’m starting Discovery- its ok. A little bit of a reboot in the first episode as the Klingons are like super different and completely reimagined in some way…not sure why though.
I had completely watched all STar Trek tv shows up until Enterprise (which i have caught almost half of it when it was released). Not sure if i should quickly go back to enterprise.

Would this be the best approach by watching Discovery? Does it make more sense?

Aparently the biggest pull for me for Discovery is that the original Star Trek (original series pilot) captain character is going to show up in an episode and ultimately they are giving him his own tv series later this year. (same guy from Marvel’s Inhumans) Its called Star Trek: Strange New Worlds and debuts 2022 apparently.

The Original Series will always be the best…. Fight me