Star Wars : Squadrons

I have no clue what’s included other than a story mode of unknown length and a multiplayer mode with unknown depth

This definitely changes how I see the game

Thanks for the heads up

If its made my EA Im not touching it.

Also theres a vr mode.

Predator is more fun. @finessology I can’t believe they are not going to add post launch content to SW Squadrons. Shame on EA. The game doesnt seem as deep or mind-shattering as Tie Fighter.

I wish there were someway to show appreciation to the devs for Predator . I know it is not perfect but it is one of my favorite games of all time and stuff is still dropping for it. And I am a predator fan but that is irrelevant.

Playing the game is all the appreciation they really need

And buying the DLC

Yeah it makes you appreciate DLC and games having a vision over the span of years instead of being one and done projects. They could’ve just left us with Hunt and tapped out then moved onto the next game.

@OldKingHamlet on stream sounded excited about all the stuff he couldn’t tell us but that’s all we’ve got for now + leaks xd

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I bought three copies one for ps4 one for pc and one for a friend. Drop more DLC @IllFonic and i will buy it twice!

Edit: Maybe they can add some super limited edition skins for the pred. like fortnite , we can get a bag of Doritos and claim a code. I love an excuse to get junk food.

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I’d love an exclusive DLC for buying the exclusive predator beer which I’m sure is out of production by now

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oh do I want some of that beer! I got a Yautja weed strain im working on , lol jk i wish.

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What, no Dlc. Why would they do that, it’s where half (or more) of your post launch sales come from. Are they dense?

Laziness and wanting to move onto the next project

It’s like shooting yourself in the foot. You’re right though, the big studios don’t seem to understand.

At some point one of them will realize it’s just a formula, take the Friday loop and structure ie. challenges/quick play/PM/modes, Dbd community management and schedule, add known characters and franchises (thanks for making this possible Marvel/Behaviour). Spend 4 to 6 years on one game, build up your staff like Behaviour has. Then when it starts declining because of whatever reason, split your team, finish your story with a last hurrah and use it to launch your next title.

Do it with Asymmetrical horror because you know there’s a market, build up assets and them move to another genre, I think sci-fi would be good.

It’s a huge problem in the industry itself

Back in the day people were passionate about making games

These days I feel a lot of people learn coding/game design because they know there’s a lot of money there and it’s just a job to them

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The industry is definitely like that, there are some good companies though. I probably never would have gotten back into gaming if Friday hadn’t showed up in my YouTube. Illfonic’s one of the good ones in my book, I know others have their issues but they’re 2 for 2.

I really can’t wait to see what we end up with in PHG down the road.

I was playing F13 last night

People still glitch out under beds and on rocks and are unkillable

That game is trash 2/5

Nothing more than mere novelty

Nothing about that game is good except for the concept and art

Like I said, if it wasn’t for Friday I probably wouldn’t be here.
I think it’s amazing, yes it could have been done better by a AAA studio but then it wouldn’t have gotten made.

The other thing to consider is the genre, it might have died in the crib with Evolved if not for Friday’s massive sales and Dbd’s perseverance. Between them they proved there was money to be made.

Game is trash lol

Agree to disagree.
Course I’m also a a Slasher/Friday fan so while it may be niche, it’s my niche.

I’m a HUGE Friday fan

Did you order your blue ray collection?

That game is trash lol

Just my opinion

Not yet, Christmas. I need to leave things like that for holidays. I am looking forward to sharing them with my son though. He’s only seen Never Hike Alone but loves Jason.