Star Wars: The Bad Batch


I love it!

Fair warning there will probably be spoilers below, but what are your all’s opinions on this?


You mean Disney did something right

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Poor Crosshairs


Indeed. Probably because Dave Filoni was involved with it. You can tell he really cares about the franchise and the fans. I mean, the guy even convinced Disney to finish The Clone Wars because it never got an ending before Disney bought it.



With the strengthening of the inhibitor chip, really makes ya feel bad for the guy, so they nailed having a sympathetic villain through an unconventional cause. Hoping at the Bad Batch finale he gets his chip removed + goes back to normal, like Rex in TCW

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I’ll be back

Holly fuck one hour

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Not to forget the Tartakovsky Clone Wars are now on there 2, as well as the FORBIDDEN EWOK MOVIES.

Almost forgot how badass Captain Fordo and General Grievous were for a second there

So I’m not spoiling because of trailers so I’ll say what I can…Omega if she is a clone what do you think are her special traits

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Echo should be more droid than human.

But what they really meant is he has a flat-head screwdriver for a hand.

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I think that may be a big plot point of the first season. HEAVY FIRST EPISODE SPOILERS AHEAD!!!
However, here is my speculation as it is confirmed Omega is a female clone:

  1. Prototype Female clone based on Jango Fett’s DNA, just taking out the Y chromosome and duplicating the X, with slight variance to prevent genetic disorders from taking place. Some evidence for this is that Omega also appears to be of Maori descent and has a distinct New Zealand accent, extremely similar to our Reg clones and Jango/Boba Fett.

  2. It was shown that similar to Hunter and Crosshair, Omega has enhanced senses and as a result, higher blaster accuracy.

  3. This goes in a The Force Unleashed direction with cloning, where Omega is an experimental female clone that is engineered to be Force-Sensitive. This can be seen as when picking up a blaster, she is able to precisely destroy Crosshair’s rifle before he could fire the shot, despite her admittance she never held a blaster before. Jedi, albeit the unconventional ones that do use blasters, are able to use the force to increase accuracy and speed of the blaster bolt, so this could be something similar. Force sensitives already have heightened senses and awareness, as demonstrated with her overhearing Tarkin and her having a bad feeling beforehand.
    As far as this goes per each bad batch member they already have the stereotypes turned up to 11, so there really isn’t a gimmick left except for her being slightly or fully force sensitive.

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That can hack anything from a console to a starship lol

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@Durbs2001 how did ya enjoy it?

It was good

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