Been seeing videos of a starship troopers game or mod and I WANT IT! Lol seriously tho idk who makes these mods and if thier only for computer but i want that game or mod wut ever it is.

I know there’s a starship trooper rts on steam

Haven’t played it yet though so be warned

looks gay.
Just joking. Looks like a mod. …kind of daft. intresting concept though.

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It’s pretty good but somewhat short. There’s more content on the way though.

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Is this the one on steam?

The RTS one is the one on steam, it’s called Starship Troopers Terran Command.


Aww i was hoping it was a fps

There’s an old fps you can get that basically plays out the movie. It’s pretty cool ngl.

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Gonna have to check it out Idk how there haven’t been any other console games of it i mean there making ganes outta everything else

Just play arma mods it’s better

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I’m new to all the mod stuff so is this only for computer games or how can you play these mods

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I use to be good at mods but now I’m rusty, I’m pretty sure if you check the description it might link to a instruction video to their mod 🤷🏽

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Also what do you guys think of this series? Like to me the anime portrayed it better, like them supposed to use mech suits in the beginning just like in the beginning of the book not in the last movie…at the end

Personally I’ve only ever cared for the first movies portrayal as it was the most badass version with several themes mixed in to show that humanity really aren’t the heroes they’re portrayed as. The sequels are dog shit but there’s some cool things here and there. The anime was meh to me.

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You: Anime was Meh

Me: Not the 3D one the Japanese one



Never watched that one so I don’t have an opinion on it other than it looks alright.

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See 😎

Im with reynoso I’ve always liked the 1st then the sequels were super low budget, but I actually just saw the traitor of mars and it was ok but i haven’t seen the others. I liked the different bugs and the sets of the 1st tho more than the rest the others seem low budget where they couldn’t do or show as much as the 1st did

the shittiest movies …even the first was baddly acted. Wtf, yiou had Doogie Howser playing a significant role as a villian. nff said.

But it’s not the real one though because they even though they were on a budget didn’t give them mech suits and why I prefer the anime