Stealth kills lets talk

Stealth kills should be available after the 1st down. On the third down your dead… there is no more revive. This picking up shit like gears of war is insanity.


Contrarily they are fine.

More Pred’s should try for them.

I agree there fine

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Didn’t they increase the number of downs in the last patch? That was unnecessary, and I agree with @YUPPERS on this. The fucking damage output you have to dish out for each down is insane as it is, but trying to so that 4 times🙄 Especially when you run into the super sweaty squads all running Dutch and Support classes with their Thick Skin, OWLF training, med kits.

Because ideally you want all 4 FT in Stealth Kill state, so that’s 12 downs you have to cause (and allow the revives) before being able to achieve this. They’ll finish the mission long before you get the chance.

The Devs really hate Predator for some reason.