Steam and Epic only Crossplay

I’d still love to have the option to play Crossplay with just PC Players.
Non-Crossplay PC lobbies are basically dead for the biggest part of the day and being able to play with/against Steam players would make for a lot more exciting matches, while we don’t have to harass the PS-players.


You can turn cross play off in the options menu

I think PC gamers would rather play a good game though

Yeah but then I only get Epic Players, not Steam players.

I think your que times would be really high if that was an option because there were about 100 people playing this on steam last time I checked

Time to buy it on Steam instead of Epic

80 players at peak times instead of 30

You don’t want to run into me in the jungle😢.

I approve this discriminatory request 💯


I don’t blame him. 90% of the time you will get complete PS potatoes, 9% of the time they will be meh and can only knife parry spam and throw grenades, and 1% will be the actual good players like @ScOp_StUrMi @Savage3i3 @Cptclutch117 @jasonth13elder etc.


I’m in the ect… right.

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Yeah mate ofc 🤣👍

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