Steam Deck support

Please add support for Steam Deck and Linux users. We can’t get past the EAC and play multiplayer

They can’t fix the bugs on their already 2 platforms.

They aren’t expanding.

I’m well aware, but it’s worth a shot to ask.

Valve already came out with a way to be compatible with EAC. Illfonic just needs to turn it on

As s9me one who has a steam deck

Fuck no leave that shit off of it

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They can’t even fix a trivial bug like collisions when sliding. That bug has been around for almost 2 years. They just expect us to forget the small bugs. But we remember.

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I am once again asking for Steam Deck support.

Should be super easy to add EAC support as valve already made it compatible.

You’re smoking crack if you want this on steam deck

Game has severe benchmarking issues in its current state and there are better things to prioritize


Lucky bitch.

In all seriousness, be thankful that you found this place in time - ask any of the old players whether they would reccommend this game, and all but @SkooLBoY_SkePtiK and @Rockx8390 (and @YOUNGOZ, if hes still here) will tell you ‘no’. @Arnie.schwarzewigger, for example, was one of the first people who got a refund for it - I would highly reccommend you do to.

I’ve been playing for a long time. The game runs fine on the Steam Deck I just can’t play online.

Hell yeah there’s better things to prioritize, but turning on EAC for Linux devices is easy as fuck for the developers. Valve already made it compatible. Devs just need to turn it on.

Mother fucker can dream

Hey. I’m not advocating anybody pay $40, but if you can get it for $10…

I am maybe the only sumbitch who did refund

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Ten fucking dollars? Ten dollars is highway robbery for this piece-of-shit game. Honest to christ man, my respect for you drops further into the negatives every fucking time we speak…

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Can’t say I blame you for that, but you should genuinely seek medical attention for your shit taste in games.

Often, we wonder if you don’t need a good doctor yourself.
Because, staying on the forum of a game you’ve made it your mission to crash on, you must have a very sad life.
Change the record, big boy, because you’re really making yourself look ridiculous.

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Bitch look around. This place is an unmoderated dollar-store twitter. People only post about the actual game like twice a week, and seeing as this is practically the only social media I use, it’s really actually a relatively small portion of my time I spend on here. Also, it’s not my ‘mission’ to crash on this game the same it’s not anyone’s ‘mission’ to crap on the HBO Velma series, but if anyone’s fucking brain-dead enough to support it I’m sure as hell not gonna pu$$y-foot around telling them.

Says the person who still regularly says shit implying he believes illfonic will fix the game XD

Yes surely… We don’t have the same definition of the word Ridiculous.

adjective: ridiculous

  1. deserving or inviting derision or mockery; absurd.

“that ridiculous tartan cap”

Get studying, you fucking bellend.

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Get windows installed on the steamdeck and you’ll have no problems running your entire library

I don’t get why valve insists on using linux for gaming… When they are literally running wine and proton on it.

Just make a deal microsoft and get windows on it. Maybe even an embedded or IoT version like fucking POS systems and ATMs have.

Those licenses are pennies when you are a manufacturer.

Also, I don’t even know why this game has EAC. You can literally run cheat engine and the shit won’t even detect it