Steam Summer Sale

Hey guys.
So… what are you guys buying :D?


So far I bought some command and conquer titles, sleeping dog, elders scroll oblivons, MGS 5, Atlas ( I know it’s a bit shitty rn ) and divinity OS 2. So mostly old games from other consoles that I want in 1 place.

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i want to buy last epoch

If you meant you’d like to go back at the peak of the gaming industry, I totaly agree ! Remember when there wasn’t so much money grab and cow milking ? Yeah those were the good days !

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Looks decent, I don’t know this studio though.

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it caught my eye some good time ago but i don’t know… i don t really like early access games because of 7 days to die :)

I’d rather buy some cheap early acces like atlas and risking small over buying a pre order tbh !

Cyberpunk might be the only game I would pre-order in a long time !