Step Up The Paid DLC

Paid DLC and all its contents should be exclusive, possibly release a cheap version which contains the character and weapons which will be given out for free then a slightly more expensive one which contains exclusive perks, weapons and consumables which will not be given out for free.

Like I just feel ripped off now, how many Predators I’ve paid for, only for their weapons and gear to be given out a month later for free, the Predator is normally just in Cosplay at that point and then nerfed the next update. And then I think to myself did I just really pay for just a skin.

Valkyrie I stand by is the only one worth the money.
Fireteam I don’t mind weapons and stuff being given out for free cause you paid for an actual movie character with voice lines, and great passives.


Thats illegal , my friend

Happens with all of them.

We know 👍🏻

Cleopatra is begging for a unique combistick skin similar to the smart disc or an elder sword kopesh skin

Or both


Or a new weapon altogether


We are working on figuring out a refund situation for the community.

Stay tuned :)

Such as?

Keep in mind its for Cleopatra

I would have more respect for them if it was a fucking Egyptian handbag , rather than a lazy skin for a weapon thats been there since launch

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Can you think of a weapon?

For a ancient Egyptian Predator?

I can

It should have been a scepter that is a combistick and plasma caster

Just like the hammerhead you’d press a button to switch between throwing/melee and shooting it

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I wish lol.

So was Alpha. Figure even had it’s own design for a stick. Still ain’t got it so I doubt we’ll get one for Cleo.

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