Steroids vs skill

Sapp is a former NFL football player who was drafted with the 69th pick overall in 1997, but his football career only lasted a few years. As a college football player, he had near a 600-pound bench press and at about a 750-, 800-pound squat. He also does pro wrestling and acting, with his size he is in demand.

I’m telling you the most dangerous person I’ve grappled with was 2 weight classes under me.

Ego check for sure.

Humble as fuk today. 🙃😂

This is good sir.

Looking nice is nice for pulling hoes. When it’s time to fight/kill.

Effectiveness is key…


In my experience, skill is definitely the foundation of any athletic success, but I noticed a huge improvement when I found a reliable source offering steroids. I was already working hard on my skills, but adding steroids to my regimen helped me push past some of the plateaus I was hitting. It gave me that extra boost to make the most of my training. Of course, it’s important to use them responsibly and keep focusing on developing your skills too. Both can go hand in hand if done right.

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Need money for good doctors. Even then it’s a risk to die earlier.

Organs are affected as well as muscles and strength.

It’s not good for the average person, or nearly anyone. But if a little juice makes you hit more homeruns and get paid more, go for it.

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